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talks, workshops, etc.

Formally verified EVM golf and reverse bug bounties at Devcon 5 Osaka - 11th of October, 2019
Some issues in "defi" centralisation at defi.wtf -
7th of October, 2019 [slides]
Dark Pools in zero knowledge at Starkware Sessions - 16th of September, 2019 [slides]
Smart contract formal verification with klab Workshop in London - 24th of March, 2019 [slides]
The Dai Credit System at Ethereum Meetup Poland - 12th of November, 2018 [slides]
Formal verification panel at Rchain Developer Conference - 5th of September, 2018

papers, etc.

The Auction Grinding Attack: and a case for a liquidation penalty in dai, 2018 pdf
Chain Complexes as a Higher Category, 2017 pdf
Generalised Pontryagin Construction for CW Complexes, 2017 pdf